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Arrests and Searches
Drug Crimes
Juvenile Law
Drunk Driving / DUI / DWI
Parole, Probation, Pardons
Violent Crimes
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Explanation of the Criminal Process on Attorney Fay Arfa’s Web Site

Barry Sands, Esq.

Criminal Defense Training Articles

California Penal Code

Drunk Driving DUI  Myles Berman’s Website

Affirmative Defense – Justification – I saw it on Law and Order

Individual & Civil Rights
Free Speech, Rights of Prisoners, Victims & Accused  Law

Orange County District Attorney

Other Law Enforcement Agencies

Can a judge set aside a guilty plea after sentencing?

Other than search and seizure issues, all errors arising prior to entry of plea of guilty or nolo contendere are waived by the plea except those based on reasonable constitutional or jurisdictional grounds.  People v. Shults

American Civil Liberties Union:
Attorney General-State of California:
California Bar Association: (click on Public Services, then Consumer Resources)
California Courts Self Help Center:
Central California Appellate Program
Department of Corrections-State of California:
Department of Justice-United States:
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children:
National Center for Victims of Crime:
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Nolo Press:; click on ‘Rights and Disputes’ to get articles about Criminal Law.
Prison Law Office:
Sacramento Bar Association: (click on ‘Public Resources’)
Sacramento Law Library

Our website on Social Security Benefits and Incarceration.