Classified Clearance

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In the overall scheme of things, I don’t think a conviction would stop you from getting a security clearance.

Answering the questions truthfully is a big factor.

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General Information

It’s impossible to say if any particular thing will result in denial of a security clearance.

Primarily, adjudicators look for honesty, trustworthiness, character, loyalty, financial responsibility and reliability.

Adjudication Guidelines

Mental Issues

Criminal Conduct

A single serious crime or multiple lesser offenses

Denials can be appealed

Most of the cases have to do with not paying bills, drugs, alcohol or sexual behavior.  I didn’t list those.

CASE NUMBER: 05-16046.h1

Personal Conduct


Applicant is a 49-year-old engineer for a defense contractor. Four years ago, while working for a non-defense related company, he was arrested and convicted for an alcohol-related offense of open lewdness. He received counseling and treatment for this alcohol-related incident. As part of his employment in the defense industry, he completed a security clearance application but deliberately did not truthfully answer questions concerning the alcohol-related incident for fear truthful answers would affect his job. Under the “whole person” concept, Applicant has shown his false answers are not a security concern. Clearance is granted.

CASE NUMBER: 04-11911.hl

Criminal Conduct


Five years ago, while in college, Applicant had a false ID card. Additionally, he set some cardboard boxes and newspaper on fire in front of a neighbor’s door. There has been no adverse criminal conduct since. The record evidence is sufficient to mitigate or extenuate the negative security implications stemming from his criminal conduct. Clearance is granted.

CASE NUMBER: 03-03849.h1

Criminal Conduct; Personal Conduct


Applicant has been successful in dealing with the issues that led him to assault his spouse on three occasions. Criminal conduct and personal conduct concerns persist because he has not been candid about his role in a May 2002 theft of gym membership dues while employed by a military welfare and recreation department, and because he concealed the extent of his spousal abuse when questioned about it by a Defense Security Service (DSS) agent in September 2002. Clearance is denied.

CASE NUMBER: 06-12558.h1

Personal Conduct; Criminal Conduct


While employed as executive assistant to a school superintendent, Applicant wrongfully took $862.00 from a Student Activity Fund for which she was responsible for maintaining to pay blackmail to her daughter’s heroin dealer. As a result, she was forced to resign and charged with 3rd Degree Theft. She entered into a Pre-Trial Intervention Program, and successfully completed all terms of the Program in December 2006. Additionally, she has not informed her husband about any aspect of these proceedings. Unmitigated personal and criminal conduct concerns remain. Clearance is denied.

CASE NUMBER: 03-23723.h1

Criminal Conduct


Applicant is a 68-year-old civilian employee who has 42 years of exemplary service with the federal government. He maintained a top secret clearance throughout his career. On April 3, 1959, he was convicted by a General Court-Martial for manslaughter. His confinement was less than a year, under military law at that time. Thus, 10 U.S.C. 986 does not apply. He has mitigated security concerns based on criminal conduct by time and rehabilitation. Clearance is granted.

CASE NUMBER: 06-17691.h1

Criminal Conduct; Personal Conduct


Applicant was arrested twice for domestic violence. In completing his security clearance application, he denied having been arrested in the previous seven years. He failed to mitigate criminal and personal conduct security concerns. Clearance is denied.

CASE NUMBER: 05-04874.h1

Criminal Conduct; Personal Conduct


The criminal conduct security concern generated by Applicant’s three convictions between 1995 and 2003 were mitigated by his youth at the time of the offenses, their minor nature, and the extenuating circumstances surrounding the conduct. Applicant’s failure to disclose the most recent offense on his security clearance application raises an unmitigated security concern. Clearance is denied
This page indicates all the appeals for 2007

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