Jails and the Mentally Ill
Jails and the Mentally Ill
NAMI Guide to Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
NAMI Guide to Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill
Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill

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ACLU Prisoners Medical Rights pdf

Cost increase in prisons – Health Care CA Health Line 1.7.2016

Twin Towers Los Angeles County

Latest Information on Prisoner Status
Mail Regulations
Inmate Medication Form
Mental Illness Information

More Mentally Ill in Jails than Hospitals E. Fuller Torrey MD 22 pages pdf

treatment advocacy center.org

Criminalizing the seriously mentally ill Sidney Wolfe MD 12 pages pdf

Penal Code 4011 CA County Jails

Penal Code 4015 d – Cost to be borne by Private Medical Coverage if possible

CA Health Line Prisoners fail medical grade 12.23.2015

“Do no harm” or “Do no expense”?

International Law and Prisoner Health

Mentally Ill Offender – Evaluation Form  14 Pages

Severe Mental Illness  AB 88

Psychology Online

Forensic Psychiciatry Web Site – Dr. Reid

comprehensive guide to forensic psychiatry

the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Estelle v. Gamble [Wikipedia] that ignoring a prisoner’s serious medical needs can amount to cruel and unusual punishment, noting that “[a]n inmate must rely on prison authorities to treat his medical needs; if the authorities fail to do so, those needs ACLU

nami illinois.org/when person with mental illness goes to prison 60 page pdf

NAMI Blog on Prisons & Mental Illness

Treatment, not Jail

Jailing People with Mental Illness


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