The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that debt collectors treat people fairly and prohibits certain methods of debt collection.

Similarly, the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act outlines the responsibilities of collectors and debtors, as well as penalties.

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Statue of Limitations on Debt (National)

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Debt Collection and Foreclosure
A list of approved housing counseling agencies in California is available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as consumer guides such as Help for Homeowners Facing the Loss of Their Home and How to Avoid Foreclosure. See a list by county of California “Legal Agencies – Legal Aid Societies” that provide free legal advice, representation, and other legal services in noncriminal cases to the economically disadvantaged.

How do I collect from the debtor’s wages if he or she is employed?
You can get an Earnings Withholding Order to garnish the debtor’s wages until you are paid. You have the right to collect up to 25% of the amount over the federal minimum wage that the debtor earns (as long as it is not exempt under other rules).

Writ of Execution
form EJ-130

Application for Earnings Withholding Order
form WG-001

Hire a process server or the sheriff/marshal to serve the employer with the necessary papers for the wage garnishment
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Earnings Withholding Order
form WG-002

The process server or sheriff/marshal must also serve the employer with the Employer’s Return
form WG-005and Employee Instructions (Wage Garnishment
form WG-003). You may have to provide these forms to the process server or sheriff/marshal.

The debtor has 10 days to file a Claim of Exemption.

Check with the Family Law Facilitator or sheriff/marshal more information.

Application for Writ of Execution
la superior

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