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hymen in various states
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What is a Virgin?


Intact Hymen

Virginity for women  in some cultures & religions may be defined as having an intact “hymen.”

The hymen is located about a half-inch inside the vagina. Not all girls are born with hymens, which makes this definition of virginity somewhat misleading.

How the Zulu tribe determines an intact hymen.

Jewish Law – Talmud 

Penetrated Sexually

Another definition of a virgin is a girl whose vagina has not been penetrated sexually. The problem with this definition is that there are different ways of penetration and definitions of “sex.”

For instance, one person might think that any penetration of the vagina equals sexual intercourse. wikipedia

Other people restrict the definition of “sex” to penetration by the penis.

Learn More teens.webmd.com/teens-virginity

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Hymen Definition

This stretchy skin – Hymen covers the opening of the vagina. In slang, it’s called a ”cherry” that can be ”popped” or torn when a girl loses her virginity. The hymen, however, can also be broken by being active, sports, horseback riding, etc.

Learn More – Web MD

The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia, and is similar in structure to the vagina.[1][2] In children, although a common appearance of the hymen is crescent-shaped, many shapes are possible.[1]

The effects of sexual intercourse and childbirth on the hymen are variable. If the hymen is sufficiently elastic, it may return to nearly its original condition. In other cases, there may be remnants (carunculae myrtiformes), or it may appear completely absent after repeated penetration.[3] Additionally, the hymen may be lacerated by disease, injury, medical examination, masturbation or physical exercise. For these reasons, the state of the hymen is not a conclusive indicator of virginity.[2][3]   Learn More Wikipedia

CURRENT! Virginity Testing Methods among the Zulu Tribe Africa

Hymen Photo’s & Diagrams

Hymen - Grays Anatomy
Hymen – Grays Anatomy
Types of hymens – click to view
Vagina - Vulva
Vulva – Vagina
hymen in various states
Hymen photo
Hymen - Women's Anatomy
Hymen – Women’s Anatomy – Click to enlarge and view on Web MD
Hyman & Virginity Myth – German with English Subtitles The Hymen – Myths and Misconceptions Shilpa addresses the myth that you have to break your hymen to lose your virginity. What happens if you break your hymen and you haven’t had sex? Is this even possible
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Honor Killings

An honor killing or shame killing[1] is the murder of a member of a family, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith.[2][3][4][5][6]

Palestinian Authority[edit]

The Palestinian Authority, using a clause in the Jordanian penal code still in effect in the West Bank, exempts men from punishment for killing a female relative if she has brought dishonor to the family.[174]Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, issued a decree in May 2014 under which the exemption of men was abolished in cases of honor killings.[175] According to UNICEF estimates in 1999, two-thirds of all murders in the Palestinian territories were likely honor killings.[168] The Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights has reported 29 women were killed 2007–2010, whereas 13 women were killed in 2011 and 12 in the first seven months of 2012.[176] According to a PA Ministry of Women’s Affairs report[177] the rate of ‘Honor Killings’ went up by 100% in 2013, “reporting the number of ‘honor killing’ victims for 2013 at 27”.[178] In 2005, 22-year-old Faten Habash, a Christian from West Bank, was said to have dishonored her family by falling for a young Muslim man, Samer. Following their thwarted attempts to elope to Jordan, she suffered her relatives’ wrath after rejecting the options of either marrying her cousin or becoming a nun in Rome. She had spent a period of time in hospital recovering from a broken pelvis and various other injuries caused by an earlier beating by her father and other family members. Still fearing her family after her release from hospital, she approached a powerful Bedouin tribe, which took her under its care. Her father then wept and gave his word that he would not harm her. She returned to him, only to be bludgeoned to death with an iron bar days later.[179]

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healthy strokes.com/hymen gallery

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Text of hymen Grays Anatomy on the hymen  – Purchase

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22 comments on “Hymen – Virginity?

    • First off, I’m not a doctor or ordained clergy.

      Some say the hymen can be broken by masturbation, some say no?. (Young Women’s Health * ucsb.edu * netdoctor.co.uk * enkirelations.com * Psychology Today *

      Rewire News
      In medical reference books, we won’t find a definition of virginity like we’ll find for dermatitis or a given nerve or muscle, because virginity is neither a medical condition nor is it anatomical (a body part).

      The hymen — now called the corona — is folds of thin, flexible membrane just inside the vaginal opening most female-bodied people have at birth. It gradually wears away over time through puberty and adulthood (through our normal vaginal discharges, menstruation, because of hormones, physical activity and yes, also with vaginal sexual activities), with or without any kind of sex

      Most female-bodied people who have started menstruating and been through some of the process of puberty will not have fully intact hymens anymore, even if they have not had any kind of sex OR masturbated.


      Our Bodies OurSelves
      The vaginal corona may tear or thin out during exercise, masturbation or tampon use, or during other forms of vaginal penetration. Because of this, no one can look at a vaginal corona and know whether a person has had vaginal intercourse, or even whether she has masturbated.

      Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane, the sensation when you first stretch out the mucous tissue folds — whether you’re inserting a tampon, masturbating, or having insertive sex — is a highly individual experience.

      “The mythical status of the hymen has caused far too much harm for far too long,” and the hymen has wrongly been “portrayed as the boundary between guilt and innocence.”

      In your culture and religion, what defines virginity? An intact hymen or must there be sexual penetration by a male penis?

  1. One day i visited my boyfriend and we removed all our clothes off, then he take his penis and he go just around my vagina but it doesn’t bleed.

    Did i lost my virginity or not?

  2. my Virginia [Vagina – hymen] has a hole in it a Small hole ..but i don’t know why because I have never had sex before does it mean I broke my hymen

  3. Hi doctor

    One day i visited my boyfriend and we removed all our clothes and he put his penis around my virgina [vagina] but it doesn’t bleed….

    Did i lose my virginity or not?

  4. Hi doctor,

    My boyfriend tried to have intercourse with me, but I pushed him back because I don’t want to do this before our wedding. He tried to push anyway. There was a little spot of blood a single drop.

    I tried to check my hymen and my finger doesn’t go inside. There is just a small cut on upper part of hymen but it doesn’t go deep.

    Please tell me will I bleed next time?

    • First of all, I’m not a doctor. I was in a class studying Jewish virginity laws & customs and was confused on exactly what the hymen was. I did the research and created this page for the public and myself as a study aid. The next time I went to class, they went to another tractate of Talmud as the Rabbi and other students said the one on marriage laws related to virginity were too complex.

      I don’t know if you actually broke your hymen or not. See the reply to anonymous below. You might also try tel a doc.com where you can talk to a doctor for a fee via video conference. I’m not sure you’ll get a gynecologist, but it might be worth a try.

  5. Last Sunday I went to my boyfriends apartment and he fingered [masterbation] me.

    I felt no pain at that time. When I got home I peed [urinated] and when I was wiping I saw blood. I then took a shower and boom I was on my period [menstruation]. Was my virginity – hymen stretched, torn, broken or something even though I felt no pain?

    • The hymen is basically like a very thin piece to skin or tissue that covers the OUTSIDE of the vagina‘s entrance. Or just part of the entrance. If you still have one, you can probably easily see it with a small mirror.

      Both menstrual cups and tampons can break the hymen, but it really depends what kind of hymen you have, and if you even have one at all! Some people were born without one. Others have already torn it with certain sports or other activities.

      Many people are confused about the importance of the hymen. They think that a “virgin” is supposed to have a hymen. Or that if you break your hymen, you are no longer a virgin. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Again, some people are born without a hymen, or break/tear it by accident while doing normal, non-sexual activities. For example, the hymen can be torn or broken by horse back riding, riding a bike, dancing, bending and stretching, falling down too hard, gymnastics and other sports, self exploration, doctor exams, and using tampons.

      Another fact, is that some hymens are very thick and tough– even with the above activities, and sometimes even with sexual experience, it still won’t break or tear all the way! This is a bit rare, but it certainly does happen.

      Its difficult to say this in a delicate way, but here is the truth– as long as a girl/woman has never had penetrative sexual intercourse (vaginally) with another person– she is still a virgin. Plain and simple. So don’t worry, using a tampon or a cup cannot take away virginity.

      Some countries, religions, or cultures put A LOT of value on the hymen, and directly relate it to whether or not someone is a virgin. However, because of all the above facts, the condition of the hymen simply IS NOT an accurate way to prove or disprove virginity.

      Here is a drawing example of the different types of hymens:
      In Order from left to right: Click here to view and scroll down

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