California Courts - Self Help
CA Courts – Self Help
Small Claims Court Study Guide
Small Claims Court Study Guide
Department of Consumer Affairs - Small Claims Court
CA Dept of Consumer Affairs
Small Claims Practical Guide - Department Consumer Affairs
Small Claims Practical Guide
Small Claims Ultimate Guide
Ultimate Guide – Orange County Legal Aid – Out of Date
Westlaw CA Civil Code
Westlaw CA Civil Code

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California Small Claims – Court Site – Self Help

Fillable Forms

Department of Consumer Affairs on Small Claims Court    Small Claims Practical Guide 52 pages

Small Claims Ultimate Guide 58 pages  The Author has  updated this guide and released it on Google Play Store (for Android phones/tablets/chromebooks) absolutely free as an app <>.

♦  Legal Aid Society of Orange County, CA

Small Claims Adviser Los Angeles 213.974.9759

Small Claim Court Study Guide for temporary – pro tem judges – highly likely you might have an attorney whose volunteering to be a Judge for the day.

Judges training guide for Small Claims Court

If you have a claim for more than the Small Claims Limit, you can sue, but you waive the amount over the limit.

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Car Accidents – Whose at Fault?

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  1. In the state of Ohio, if you are the protected one in a protection order, are you in violation if you text message the defendent?

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